woensdag 30 december 2015

Thu, Jan 7: HIEROGLYPHIC BEING in Rotterdam

Prior to his studio time in its vintage synthesizer shack, Hieroglyphic Being will do a highly anticipated live set at Worm during a pilot of 'Discombobulated': Infusing Rotterdam's cityscape with the most unruly, adventurous, technoid music currently out there. Organised in
conjunction with Sandwich-Island
Don't miss it!

20.30 – 02.00 | presale: 8€ / door: 10€
Location: Worm – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam


Hieroglyphic Being is the alias of American techno producer Jamal R. Moss. Operating from Chicago, he naturally draws from that city’s dominant and enervating dance culture. Moss, however, looks both inwards and outwards to bring a richer, more sophisticated edge to his productions. Elusive but accessible, his music mixes elements of industrial jazz, rhythmic noise and cosmic house to dizzying effect. Jamal Moss has spent more than twenty years in the electronic underworld of Chicago and this rich experience has created his unique sound.

ASSEL (nl / anus records)
A maker of bruising, jarring techno, Assel is a promising electronica artist who caught our attention with his debut 10” vinyl (recently released on Anus Records). And just like that young (though growing) Rotterdam based label, Assel has a healthy preference for choosing untrodden sonic paths; always on the lookout for new angles to create his music from. Clone compared him to Tuff Sherm, and we might add a little Powell into the mix.

PAUL DU LAC (nl / bio rhythm)
Rotterdam based Paul du Lac started DJing in the early nineties. He became a key figure in the Dutch electronica underground; shunning the limelight to concentrate on his internationally respected Bio Rhythm record label and to craft rough jacking house/techno tracks. At the core of his output are his relentless - and highly esoteric - DJ sets; fluidly incorporating anything from mutant house, techno/electro noir and wave. We expect a more industrial / EBM-ish direction on this night.

Describing Parrish Smith can be quite a task, given the elusive nature of his music. But that's also why he finds himself as part of tonight's line up. Beginning his musical odyssey as teenage metal and rock fan, Parrish Smith gradually developed a taste for harsh sounds. In his "forbidding" but elegant DJ sets he will not look to manage expectations, but allow the tracks dictate the course (not the other way around). Stick with him until the end and you'll be in for one refreshing rush.

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