donderdag 10 april 2014

Vrooom #15 @ Worm

location: Vrooom @ WORM
Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors 19:30 / start: 20:30 / door 6,- / presale 5,-

While Vrooom is temporarily exiled from its usual location during April, Worm will give room to its program during this evening.
The program: the cream of the crop of the Rotterdam and ex- Rotterdam underground, with experimental pop, evocative ambient and moody improv/jazz.

pop experimentalist / singer/songwriter Lasse Passage is back in town. This former long-term Rotterdam resident is slowly stepping into the limelight with his recent achievements. The Dutch quality label Eat Concrete is currently releasing a mini-album tetralogy (that's four records being put out in a series). The first volume 'Stop Making Sense And Start Making Success' came out last January. Lasse creates intricate and original songs, juxtaposing bittersweet lyrics with lo-fi and minimal music. A multi-layered musical journey that remains refreshing and highly accessible throughout.

Hugo Costa & Philipp Ernsting form a new free jazz/improvisation duo from Rotterdam. Their music is created in and from the moment, resulting in a fine blend that can be both noisy and violent, sometimes melodic and subtle. Both musicians are skilled and very empathetic players, and enjoy exploring the interplay and space between pure rhythm, lyricism and harmony. The music is intended to always move forward and surprise.

• BARHÛS (nl)
Beautiful, hazy ambient from Keimpe Koldijk, one of Rotterdam's main underground players. Barhûs' sound is partly improvised; minimal threads of funeral pace synths and droning guitars are processed through reverb and thin clouds of tape noise. Carefully placed notes gradually take the listener through the reminiscences of past gaiety. Think: Andrew Chalk (earlier works) or Grouper. Barhûs refers to the small village in which Koldijk's parental house was situated. This place was his main source of inspiration, looking at it from an entirely different perspective while living in Rotterdam-Zuid.

This event is made possible with kind support from Popunie

woensdag 2 april 2014

Vrooom #14 @ De Player


location: Vrooom @ De Player
Hillelaan 49d, Rotterdam (just besides Rijnhaven metro station)
doors / start: 20:30 

While Vrooom is temporarily exiled from its usual location during April, our orphan home on the 8th will be the comfy hut of De Player. This evening we'll be piecing together another quality mini circus of sound & vision, always good for a surprise. Extra noteworthy: ZS mastermind Diamond Terrifier will do a dj set as well as a Live set!

Musician, DJ & curator Sam Hillmer is widely known for being the mind behind the influential Brooklyn noise band/chamber ensemble ZS. Diamond Terrifier is Sam’s saxophone and electronics solo incarnation which sits at the intersection of ambient drone, world bass and sound system music, and the many great non-western saxophone traditions. Diamond Terrifier has four releases under its belt; the tapes ‘Himalayan Appalachia’ and 'Shrine Flu’, and the full lengths ‘Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself ’ on Northern Spy (label formed by the former staff of the legendary ESP-Disk’ imprint), produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, and 2013's ' The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow'.

Brand new project from the Rotterdam based electronica explorers / producers Huib Emmer and Henk Bakker. This duo will perform a strongly sferic and beat driven electro-accoustic set with bass clarinet and Live electronic devices.

Philippe Cavaleri is a visual & sound artist from Belgium whose past exhibitions & performances have been the focal point for many events across Europe. One of his works was selected by the late Jan Hoet for the 2009 edition of Tempus Arti. His contribution for this evening will be a Live performance of his newest piece 'En temps réel', based on the experimentation with cassettes and super 8 found footage; re-composing this media from "banality to poetry".

This event is made possible with kind support from de Popunie, Rotterdam.