donderdag 27 februari 2014


Things are shaping up nicely for our coming events. First one up; Friday, March 14th with: GUD ER KVINDE (dk), AVERY TINNITUS (ch) - aka Nikola Mounoud & Alois Wismer, and CITY HANDS (nl). This will be the last VROOOM event at Het Klooster until roughly May due to unfortunate planning restrictions, we're only able to do shows on weekends there from now on. Our April edition will take place at DE PLAYER in the south of Rotterdam, on Tuesday 8th. DIAMOND TERRIFIER, that's Sam Hillmer from the awesome Zs will perform solo. Don't sleep!

dinsdag 18 februari 2014

Textuur #28 - with Staer, Horacio Pollard, Batalj... @ Poortgebouw

More people should know about the great Textuur event series. This Wednesday, February 19th, they will celebrate their 5th anniversary and 28th (!) event in Rotterdam. The line up is a sick one again, featuring the mighty STAER, HORACIO POLLARD & BATALJ... One of the Vrooom honchos will play records. Go!
More info here:

woensdag 5 februari 2014

Vrooom #12


location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors / start: 20:30
entrance: tba

Coming up: the February edition! Witness Belgian / Dutch sound objects & selfbuilt instruments galore by Jochem Baelus aka Slumberland and Good Cop / Naughty Cop. Plus: visitations from Belgian's Fluxus legend Ludo Mich and our favorite self indulgent asshole from deep down south of R'dam...Vrooom!

• LUDO MICH (be)
Antwerp based Fluxus artist / performer and filmmaker who's total output perhaps amounts to something different altogether. Ludo has been active since the 1960s and describes himself as a 'Holo-man' (from Greek: 'Holos'); a 'multi-D artist' who travels in multiple dimensions, disturbing all five senses, up to the sixth and further. From early on, he incorporated all fields of art into his work that referred to science, albeit in a psychedelic, mythical and absurd way, with a good dose of messed up humor. The running theme is the experimentation with sound, light waves and motion. During the sixties he made 'talking' coats, floors and had a piece that consisted of a shadow, producing music with photoelectric cells. Dennis Tyfus' Ultra Eczema has been instrumental bringing Ludo Mich back to attention, releasing an lp edited from the soundtracks of Ludo's pansexual aktionist films. Because of this wave of exposure, recent years have seen Ludo Mich collaborating with, e.g. Dylan Nyoukis, Kommissar Hjuler and Wolf Eyes.

Belgian musician / filmmaker Jochem Baelus developed his craft out of the love/hate relationship with technology and by not using classic instruments. As Slumberland he makes sound objects from mundane objects, reassigns their function, and turns sewing machines, hair dryers and fans into mechanical drum machines, strings and more undefined DIY sound installations. The music is drone based, deconstructed songs driven by industrial, tribal-ish beats.

= code for ‘Piece for Two Bicycle Wheels, Two Guitars’. This duo creates instant ambient noise with self-programmed software and self-made controllers. Because of the physical approach using 'nostalgic' bicycles and radios, there is a strong nudge to performance art. Current members are Sjoerd Leijten and Patrick Bossink.

Visual artist, musician, installationist and self-proclaimed indulgent asshole performance artist. Gilbert is also one half of the band Two Dogs and converted part of his home and studio into LE SUD, where this good samaritan hosts cool events with numerous other artists.