maandag 16 december 2013

Vrooom #10


21 DECEMBER 2013


deco / visuals: My Anh Hang & Eva Lotte Lisander

location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / curfew: 02:00

entrance: 6 euro

In deze speciale Vrooom aflevering zal Patric Catani het muzikale hoorspel 'Der Krabbenmann' ten gehore brengen; een ludieke spookrit in de gedachtenwereld van een samenzweringstheoreticus. Catani is een van de meest veelzijdige Duitse electronica artiesten van dit moment, die tevens in theater, film en tv kringen actief is. Karl Marx Stadt's energieke electronica Live sets zijn ergens te plaatsen tussen “tekenfilm-reggae, breakdance-romantiek en Oost-Europese synthesizer popgymnastiek-Funk”. De expats Katrhin Grenzdörffer en Panda Lassow zullen de avond verder kundig invullen. Grenzdörffer doet dat in tandem met Ekkehard Windrich, Lassow met bass, juke / footwork, hiphop, dub en future funk.

PATRIC CATANI (de) – 'Der Krabbenman' radioplay (in German!) 
+ Live set
Patric Catani is one of the most versatile German electronica artists of today. As a snot-nosed 16 year old, Patric started to wreak havoc with his signature hardcore techno, gabber and breakbeat tracks as E-De-Cologne. 1995 saw him swap Cologne for Berlin for new ideas and fresh collaborations. Catani never subjected to the constraints of any genre niche and is the undisputed master at making swinging style crossovers under many aliases (e.g. Candie Hank, Flex Busterman, Xberg Dhirty6 Cru, EC8OR, Driver & Driver, etc). He also lends his services for (music) theatre productions, TV / film, video games and art projects. Although Patric will play Live tunes afterwards, this Vrooom centers around his radio play 'Crabman' ('Der Krabbenmann'); a glimpse into the mind of a conspiracy theorist and a humorous revenge on naysayers and impossible ideals.

After slowly stepping back from late nineties hardcore with Society Suckers, Christian Gierden's alter ego Karl Marx Stadt spawned a love for analogue techniques, dub and a stronger emphasis on upbeat melodies. Karl Marx Stadt's Live shows are an amusing blend of energetic Rave style mixing and carefully paced dubbing sessions incorporating circuitbending, synthesizers, children's toys and of course, the universe. This evening Karl Marx Stadt will present new compositions from his label Karl Marx Land; somewhere between “cartoon-reggae, breakdance-Romantik and Eastern European synthesizer pop gymnastics-funk”.

With a strong emphasis on environmental sounds, Kathrin Grenzdörffer's combines sound art and performance. For Vrooom #10, Grenzdörffer will team up with Ekkehard Windrich, whose background is classical music and techno. In their combined set, Windrich and Grenzdörffer will explore the musical potential of field recordings when sent through sequencers and samplers.

Panda Lassow traded Dresden for Rotterdam circa 2009. Next to being the label boss of the peculiarly christened Anus Records and a prominent member of The Beatmakers Union (TBMU), vinyl-only DJ, Panda Lassow generally plays all types of punchy Bass music; from juke / footwork via hiphop, to dub and future funk.

With kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande. 

maandag 9 december 2013

Season closing party coming up!

Vrooom's 2013 season closing party on Saturday 21 December will be a teutonic treat. We'll present a peculiar and fun radioplay performed by the mighty Patric Catani, 3x Live sets (mr. Catani will play some Live tunes as well) and a dj set, all with a decidedly festive electronica / pop edge. This event is made possible with kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande. 

Full announcement on these pages soon, find extensive info here in the meantime: 

Never heard of Patric Catani? Now c'mon!