donderdag 27 maart 2014


Due to the some planning restrictions during weekdays at het Klooster, Vrooom will be presenting its next two events at DE PLAYER and WORM. Yeah, that's right, we have TWO events coming up next month! Check out the FB links below for extensive info, we'll report about these events seperately on these pages soon.

Tuesday, April 8:
VROOOM #14 de player - Hillelaan 49d, Rotterdam
• DIAMOND TERRIFIER (us / Sam Hillmer of Zs)

Sunday, April 20:
VROOOM #15: WORM Rotterdam – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam


p.s. We intend to be back at het Klooster in May.

dinsdag 18 maart 2014

Nate Wooley @ LantarenVenster - Thursday, March 20

The revered trumpeter Nate Wooley will be performing this Thursday, March 20th at LantarenVenster, south Rotterdam. Go check him out with his quintet there and pray with us that he'll be returning for a solo set at Vrooom someday.

More info here:

donderdag 6 maart 2014

Vrooom #13


location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors / start: 20:30

Like most of the previous Vrooom programs revealed, we're keen to incorporate visual elements to add to the diversity of things. Vrooom #13 will offer a nice balance between the visual and the auditory. Both disciplines will feed off each other, contract and expand in a visceral setting. Rupture and tear, Gud er Kvinde, God is a Woman; believe.

p.s. Note that due to planning restrictions during weekdays, this event will be last Vrooom event that will take place at Klooster until May 2014!

Gud Er Kvinde is Danish for 'God is female'. This power baritone sax & trombone duo is comprised of Johannes Lund & Maria Bertel, who have strong ties to the seminal Danish YOYOOYOY collective and the MAYHEM venue in Copenhagen. Johannes did a killer solo saxophone performance as 'Johns Lunds' during Vrooom #3 (March 2013), and we're super excited to have him back at Vrooom. Maria Bertel may have recently come to your attention starring in the excellent four-piece SELVHENTER. With Gud Er Kvinde, Lund and Bertel keep themselves at the forefront of the Danish and international experimental music scene.

Avery Tinnitus is an intriguing project by Nikola Mounoud (aka '...') and Kusty ( Aloïs Wismer). It's creators are all about the pure Live treatment of visual (16mm film) and sound (both digital & analog) materials. They merge Live performance, cinema, and the concept of installation into a visceral Live dynamic. The 16mm (found) footage Mounoud and Wismer use were unearthed from various archives in the past fifteen years; the films are from the 1920's up to current times. Besides Avery Tinnitus, the duo also run an open space dedicated to DIY photo & cinema in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Audio-visual artist & performer from Den Haag presenting a piece for slide projectors, voice, tape, effects and objects. City hands aka Manuel Padding has been making a name for himself for quite some years now, starting out as an event organiser in Den Haag with the Helbaard collective until circa 2008 and continuing afterwards at various other locations. He still is Den Haag's go-to person in the field of experimental, out-there underground music. Next to being an event organiser he also runs the Silver Ghost label and most recently co-hosted the much lauded Kraak festival.

• DJ PAZ (nl)
Chef Paz aka Pascal Walhof will serve up the finest Kaseko, Bollywood, Tijuana, Exotica and more before, between and after the Live sets!