woensdag 19 september 2018

Wednesday 26 September: VROOOM #63

Wednesday 26 September 2018



location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: €4,-
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TAKE NOTE: CHARALAMBIDES will NOT be performing at Vrooom this evening due to an unfortunate planning mistake on our behalf. We'll do our utmost best to get the band to perform in October.

Vrooom #63 and the remaining line up will now take place for a reduced entrance fee of 4 euros.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Brand new Rotterdam-based outfit featuring Hugo Costa (saxophone), Philipp Ernsting (drums) and Josué Amador (guitar). Anticlan plays adventurous improvised music. Sometimes you'll get to hear intense distorted guitar rock and explosive sax and drums, while at other times things are subtle, quiet and contemplative. Anticlan engage in a multitude of moods. They have just released their excellent debut album "Volcano hour" through Creative Sources.

Juan Antonio Nieto is a prolific soundartist from Spain who plays live electronics using field recordings as raw material. In his music he meticulously dissects then incorporates very specific sounds but also celebrates the glitch, the digital error; revelling in imperfections. Juan's music has been featured in various art installations, modern dance pieces, (silent) movies, and has been documented through a slew of releases (some of them under his alias Pangea) on different labels (Trente Oiseaux, Moozak, Plus Timbre, etc.). He has collaborated with Brazilian composer Leo Alves Vieira, composer Kenji Siratori, turntablist Maria Chavez, among others.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.