woensdag 6 juni 2018

Wednesday 13 June: VROOOM #61

Wednesday 13 June 2018


FELL – Simon Berz & Toktek


location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: € 6,-
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Vrooom #61 will kick off with ang3l_sp1der's algorithmic, partly live-coded ambient/electronica. Things will then take a more rootsy turn with Manira Star & Benjamin stein who will masterfully play the Iranian Taar, Indian tabla, and other instruments. We'll conclude our sermon with the spasmodic, sweaty musical dialogue between the machines of Fell.

Fell aka Switzerland-based Simon Berz and Toktek from NL battle it out in supercharged music sessions. They play self-made electronic instruments and interfaces and turn human emotion and body movement into sound. Simon Berz's drum kit creates feedback which is looped back to him. The ensuing dynamic exchanges range from loud arguments to the whisper of sweet nothings. Toktek has mastered the art of sampling and watching him build up his palette of sounds, blissfully playing them on his controller is something to behold. He is like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe castaway in a wonderland of electronic music.

Bintang Manira and Benjamin Stein are skilled multi-instrumentalists who are currently studying at Codarts. In their live sets they combine a variety of ethnic music styles with instruments that are traditionally used in Middle Eastern and Indo-Indian music.
Bintang Manira Manik focuses on tribal chant, percussive ambient and soundscapes in his own work. He has been exploring Latin and traditional Indonesian percussion and completed three years of studying tabla at the institute of Indian classical music and dance; Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi.
Benjamin Stein studied non-western musical systems and Middle Eastern modal music, and plays several stringed instruments like the santur, tar, oud and robab. He not only plays and composes within the aforementioned traditions, but also creates his own sounds, with groups like Embryo, and the Rouzbeh Asgarian Band.

Miša Skalskis is an electronica musician and artist, dwelling between Lithuania and the Rotterdam. ang3l_sp1der is his most recent project. Under this umbrella Miša explores palettes of ambient and IDM whilst often employing practices of algorithmic composition and live-coding.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.