maandag 18 maart 2019

Saturday 23 March - Vrooom #69

Saturday 23 March 2019



location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 21:00 end: 23:55 / entrance: 7

Vrooom #69 offers stark contrast between the savage drum excorcism of Kiyasu Ryosuke (of Fushitsusha / Sete Star Sept fame) and the sophisticated sound construct of instrument builder Andreas Oskar Hirsch. Additionally, we have the Dutch electronica veterans Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk, who experiment with both image and sound using a self-developed range of electronics. Your DJ of the night: Nikola Vidaković.

Ryosuke Kiyasu has been playing drums in a variety of bands since 1995. In the world of extreme hardcore punk and grindcore he is mainly known as the drummer of Sete Star Sept, but was also involved with the Canadian powerviolence outfit The Endless Blockade. In the experimental music scene he is renowned for his work with the legendary Japanese avant-rock group Fushitsusha, which also features Keiji Haino. Kiyasu's solo drum performances are visceral, hairy, and split audiences.


Andreas Hirsch is a Cologne-based musician, visual artist and inventor of electroacoustic instruments. He performs with the self-built 'Electric Palm Leaf' or the 'Carbophone'. The latter can be described as a kind of complex "super" kalimba. Both lend themselves for warm downbeat rhythms and odd tonalities. Hirsch creates a space somewhere between playful leftfield electronics and freestyle gamelan. Together with Patricia Koellges he runs Makiphon - a label for experimental music which also features his latest album 'Early Carbophonics'.


The Dutch multimedia duo Gert-Jan Prins and Bas van Koolwijk explore the possibilities of analogue and digital equipment commonly used to generate pictures by feeding them something different than just "proper" video signals. With their 'Synchronator' project they explore the very technical structure of the hardware, and generate pictures that expose and reflect the true nature of machines behind the commonly known TV image. The artists also experiment with the visual representation of sound by direct implementation of audio signal to special, self-made picture generating systems.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie.

zondag 10 februari 2019

Friday 15 February - Vrooom #68

Friday 15 february 2019



location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:55 / entrance: 7 euro
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First round of the year! Another vibrant three-way mix of different performances, featuring: the award-winning "LSe" (a selfbuilt instrument made by Kacper Ziemianin), a solo set by Knalpot's Gerri Jäger, and "sonic brain goo" electronica project Yader aka Bear Bones, Lay Low + Jooklo Duo.

GERRI JÄGER ┆ at/nlGerri Jäger is best known for the duo Knalpot with Raphael Vanoli, who have been infiltrating the Amsterdam underground as well as the European clubs and festivals with their combination of raw electronics, wild improvistation and danceable dub. Following his studies at the concervatory of Amsterdam, the Austrian-born drummer immersed himself in the realm of experimental music, combining his drums with the kind of gear mostly associated with DJ’s.

YADER ┆ ve/it [ bear bones, lay low / jooklo duo ] "Spaced out jumbles from three cyclonic backstreet hypno-freaks" is one apt way to describe the music of Yader - the improv electronica outfit comprised of Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low) and David Vanzan & Virginia Genta (Jooklo Duo). This trio just released a cassette on the Bear Town Records imprint containing music for meditation or the act of mapping the inside of a pyramid. It's the stuff for purposes beyond explanations.

Ctrl Freq is Kacper Ziemianin; a sound designer, circuit bender, improviser, audio hacker, and instrument designer. The "LSe" is his self-built, award-winning musical instrument for live electronic music. It allows users to program sequences of light which are translated into sounds; a combination that opens up lots of possibilities for controlling, structuring and interacting with sound. This instrument addresses the ‚liveness‘ of electronic music performances; how does the audience know if the performance is really live? How can we relate to the onstage actions of the musicians? Ctrl Freq's 'LSe' creates a direct link between the visual and sonic realm.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

maandag 17 december 2018

Thursday 20 December VROOOM #67

Thursday 20 December 2018



location: Klooster Oude Noorden – Ruivenstraat 81, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:55 / entrance: €6,-

We're wrapping up another eventful year. Vrooom #67 focuses on local artists exlusively. Icelander Berghaim plays synth-based pop that involves storytelling about ducks, magicians, and gatekeepers. Zoontoon and Alerta engage in a loopstation-ed and casio-ed audiovisual show. Furthermore, expect a 180 degree stylistic turn between Manira Star & Leah Uijterlinde, and noisemongers Boterklontje. It's gonna be goood Vrooom vibes again.

Berghaim is the alter ego of Icelander Bergur Thomas Anderson, who presents a hybrid show that includes synth-based pop, storytelling and performance art, that reminds us of the esoteric mysticism of Die Welttraumforscher or the Moomins. Berghaim is a voice in progress, finding perfection in imperfection. Having previously played in bands like Grísalappalísa and Oyama, Bergur says in an interview: “When I moved to the Netherlands, all of a sudden I had nobody to make music with”. “So I started writing music on my own, which evolved into making music for performance pieces.” A pop-orientated full-length album that includes recordings made in the WORM studio is in the process of being completed.

Manira Star aka Bintang Manira Manik focuses on tribal chant, percussive ambient and soundscapes. He has been exploring Latin and traditional Indonesian percussion and completed three years of studying tabla at the institute of Indian classical music and dance in New Delhi. At this event Bintang will be accompanied by singer Leah Uijterlinde who just finished her Jazz studies at Codarts.

Zoontoon is a Rotterdam-based artist who experiments with a loopstation and a self-modified SK-1 Casio keyboard, combined with Northern African-type rhythms, hypnotizing loops and melodies. At Vrooom #67, Zoontoon will be enhanced by the geometric and symmetric graphics courtesy of VJ Alerta; a Chilean/Dutch artist whose main source of inspiration are symbols and folkloric expression from various indigenous cultures. Zoontoon

Boterklontje is the 99% female noise trio of Vanita Monk (electric guitar), Linda Nijboer (no-input mixer) and Johanna Monk (no-input mixer). A bit like like "that scene from a war movie where everyone got blown up and you're hobbling across the battlefield like a half-deaf soldier and that persistent ringing in your ears."


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

maandag 3 december 2018




festival / fair for newly invented, self-built music instruments

location: WORM Rotterdam – Boomgaardsstraat 71
14:00 – 20:00 | entrance 8 €

Instruments Make Play is a new platform for the inventors / players of newly invented, unconventional musical instruments. On Saturday December 8, from 2 PM to 8 PM, Instruments Make Play presents an extensive program in WORM, which is basically 50/50 festival and fair for both public and makers. Throughout the day there are continuous performances and showcases to see and listen to, in addition to the many installations that are on view. Additionally, there's Noodle Bar's electrical and modular afterparty for the real diehard, in the WORM foyer afterwards.

PARTICIPANTS / ARTISTS (line up subject to change): 

• Anton Mobin
• Arthur Bennis / Sinneb
• Bart Koppe
• Daniel Maalman
• Dennis Verschoor
• Ed Devane
• Gijs Gieskes
• Gert-Jan Prins & Bas Van Koolwijk
• Guoda Dirzyte
• Harmen G. Zijp (tbc)
• Jan Schellink
• Jasna Velickovic
• Jochem Van Tol
• Kacper Ziemianin / Ctrl Freqs.
• Karel Van Der Eijk
• Krijn Hendriksen / I Love Trash
• Magnetoceptia
• Martijn Verhallen / Reverse Landfill
• Michele Abolaffio
• Mina Kim
• Neon & Landa
• Niek Hilkmann
• Paul Tas
• Piers Titus Van Der Toren
• Radboud Mens
• Rik Wijngaards
• Roald Van Dillewijn
• Rob Hordijk
• SONICrider
• Till Bovermann
• Victor En Owen
• Woodstone Kugelblitz


[ about: ] Instruments Make Play is an event and production platform for self invented musical instruments and its inventors / makers. It takes shape in the form of live concerts, exchange, workshops, exhibitions and residencies. The first events were launched in November and December 2017, in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Deventer. Instruments Make Play is Initiated, programmed and produced by Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud and Harco Rutgers.

eventpic: the 'Carbophon' by Andreas Oskar Hirsch

maandag 19 november 2018

Wednesday 21 November VROOOM #66


┆DJ No See Jazz

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:30 / entrance: 6 euro
FB event:

On this evening: Apricot My lady is sound bros Adam and Jonathan Bohman, Anne La Berge, and Lukas Simonis. As a four-piece band they make music that sits on it’s desert island waiting for nobody, heard by everybody. The duo Maria Carlas and Mylo Cywitz present a costumed show that sounds like a garagey electronic opera. Stopping by from Germany: the "outernational" Spiritczualic Enhancement Center; an eclectic ensemble with rootst in different cities and countries who create ritualistic and devotional instrumentals.


Apricot My Lady comprises sound mavericks Adam and Jonathan Bohman, Anne La Berge and Lukas Simonis. Formed in 2003, the quartet joyously make borderline music using found objects, text, voice, samples, filters, mixers, pedals, violins, guitars and flutes. It might be (un)interesting to know whether this music is supposed to be ‘improvised’ or ‘composed’ or ‘heavily processed’ or even ‘spontaneously erected’. It’s all that and less, or none of that and more. Influences are: Fluxus, Cage, de Band Zonder Naam, and Ubiquity (not the software).

This eclectic ensemble can be described as a sort of free beat resonance field with a revolving cast of players. At Vrooom they're are going to be a quintet that creates spontaneous instrumentals that are ritualistic, strange and devotional. Following concerts at Fusion Festival in Berlin, the Outernational Days in Bucharest, and the New Hamburg festival, they have three releases coming up: "Transporting Salt" on Crash Symbols, "Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back in 1969?" on Kinship; and a vinyl release entitled "Me and My Students Have Reached Higher Levels" on Cheb Gero's Akuphone, scheduled for early 2019.

Maria Carlas (aka Carla Genchi) is a classicaly-trained singer from Italy who studied at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli. Carlas teamed up with Mylo Cywitz; a German vocalist and composer based in the Netherlands. The voices of this duo are embedded in an orchestral environment created by their samplers and electronics. Maria layers her operatic voice and impulsive key work onto Mylo's classical industrial compositions.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

maandag 12 november 2018

Wednesday 14 November VROOOM #65


┆SAX RUINS (Tatsuya Yoshida & Ono Ryoko / Ipecac Recordings)
┆PISITAKUN (th / Chinabot)
┆LAFIDKI (kh / Chinabot)
┆Chris Baas – DJ

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:30 / entrance: 7 euro
FB event

Vrooom goes Far East. Minimalist in instrumentation, maximalist in compositional complexity, the hyper-kinetic instrumental rock duo Sax Ruins comprises Yoshida Tatsuya and Ono Ryoko. Yoshida is the most important and innovative drummer in Japanese avant-garde music of the past 30 years. Ono Ryoko is one of the best saxophone players in Japanese improv. Next to the post-human, ultra-nimble mathematical bludgeon of this pair we're also excited to host two artists of Chinabot – a collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.

Drummer extraordinaire Yoshida Tatsuya and saxophonist extraordinaire Ono Ryoko form the tag team Sax Ruins. This duo packs more ideas and time signature changes into their two-minute songs than most artists can fit on an entire album. The albums "Yawiquo" (on Mike Patton's Ipecac, 2009) and "Brimmguass (Skin Graft, 2014) are jaw-dropping works of extremely dense and pure musicianship, comparable to a big band playing progressive Jazz-hardcore.

┆LAFIDKI┆kh / uk
Lafidki is a London-based sound/visual artist who has been releasing experimental electronic since 2008. He is the founder of Chinabot, a platform / collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music. Born in a refugee camp in Phanat Nikhon (Thailand) to Cambodian refugee parents who fled Pol Pot's regime, Lafidki was raised in France. His music is an confluence of ideas, synthesising multiple underrepresented histories, geographies, musical genres and cultural signifiers into compelling, colourful sonic material that packs contemporaneous dancefloor weight. He released his EP ‘Absynthax’ via Orange Milk records.

Pisitakun Kuantalaeng is an artist from Bangkok, Thailand. Visual and performance elements inspired by historical (political) events feed into his experimental music. His album "Black Country" (2016) deals with a country full of dialogues between dark voices. As Thai history currently unfolds under martial law following the military coup on 22 May 2014 – the thirteenth since the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932 – Pisitakun’s music and art represents a decisive break from many of his Thai peers: he questions fundamental and increasingly universal values without merely decrying corruption, or offering palliatives. Pisitakun's works are based on political speculation and the external and internal frustrations artists are subject to.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

vrijdag 19 oktober 2018

Friday 26 October VROOOM #64

Friday 26 October 2018

Vrooom #64


location: Klooster Oude Noorden – Ruivenstraat 81, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: €7,-
FB event

We're hopping over to the Klooster in Rotterdam Noord with this fine double bill. Charalambides will play a live concert as part of their anticipated first European tour since 2011. Rafael Toral is a sound alchemist who has been top of our list for a long time, we're excited to have him join us this night.

Charalambides' Tom & Christina Carter create a vision of iconoclastic music as transformative force. Touching on the outer limits of acid folk, psych rock, and improvisation, their sound is uniquely personal & consistent. Since 1991, they have released albums on labels like Siltbreeze, kranky & Wholly Other. Despite Tom and Christina’s solo careers and other projects, Charalambides has existed in an unbroken trajectory for over two-and-a-half-decades, outlasting the genres that critics have tried to cram them into. Their recent performances and recordings retain the directness and delicate menace that mark their early releases. Charalambides' new album on Drawing Room entwines their best known approaches into a raw, fragile, wordless and hypnotic whole. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch this unique duo live on stage.

Rafael Toral is an influential Lisbon-born musician who mostly works with electronics. During the nineties he created blends of (guitar-based) ambient to critical acclaim. In a transition to more vulnerable action, he launched the 'Space Program' in 2004; an ambitious long-term project exploring an approach to electronic music based on silence, through decision making and physical gesture, in a way inspired by post-free Jazz. The resulting music, “melodic without notes, rhythmic with no beat, familiar but strange, meticulous but radically free – riddled with paradox but full of clarity and space”, has been described as “a brand of electronic music far more visceral and emotive than that of his cerebral peers”. Rafael is also active in visual and spatial arts. He has engaged in numerous collaborations with Jim O’Rourke, Chris Corsano, Evan Parker, Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock, Christian Marclay, Sonic Youth, Rhys Chatham, Lee Ranaldo, C Spencer Yeh, and many others.

We wonder what 'Boshoer' actually means to our francophone guest DJ. At Vrooom he's keen to demonstrate his oddball ideas about 'party' music. Our faith in the Boshoer is strong, always.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.