maandag 16 december 2013

Vrooom #10


21 DECEMBER 2013


deco / visuals: My Anh Hang & Eva Lotte Lisander

location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / curfew: 02:00

entrance: 6 euro

In deze speciale Vrooom aflevering zal Patric Catani het muzikale hoorspel 'Der Krabbenmann' ten gehore brengen; een ludieke spookrit in de gedachtenwereld van een samenzweringstheoreticus. Catani is een van de meest veelzijdige Duitse electronica artiesten van dit moment, die tevens in theater, film en tv kringen actief is. Karl Marx Stadt's energieke electronica Live sets zijn ergens te plaatsen tussen “tekenfilm-reggae, breakdance-romantiek en Oost-Europese synthesizer popgymnastiek-Funk”. De expats Katrhin Grenzdörffer en Panda Lassow zullen de avond verder kundig invullen. Grenzdörffer doet dat in tandem met Ekkehard Windrich, Lassow met bass, juke / footwork, hiphop, dub en future funk.

PATRIC CATANI (de) – 'Der Krabbenman' radioplay (in German!) 
+ Live set
Patric Catani is one of the most versatile German electronica artists of today. As a snot-nosed 16 year old, Patric started to wreak havoc with his signature hardcore techno, gabber and breakbeat tracks as E-De-Cologne. 1995 saw him swap Cologne for Berlin for new ideas and fresh collaborations. Catani never subjected to the constraints of any genre niche and is the undisputed master at making swinging style crossovers under many aliases (e.g. Candie Hank, Flex Busterman, Xberg Dhirty6 Cru, EC8OR, Driver & Driver, etc). He also lends his services for (music) theatre productions, TV / film, video games and art projects. Although Patric will play Live tunes afterwards, this Vrooom centers around his radio play 'Crabman' ('Der Krabbenmann'); a glimpse into the mind of a conspiracy theorist and a humorous revenge on naysayers and impossible ideals.

After slowly stepping back from late nineties hardcore with Society Suckers, Christian Gierden's alter ego Karl Marx Stadt spawned a love for analogue techniques, dub and a stronger emphasis on upbeat melodies. Karl Marx Stadt's Live shows are an amusing blend of energetic Rave style mixing and carefully paced dubbing sessions incorporating circuitbending, synthesizers, children's toys and of course, the universe. This evening Karl Marx Stadt will present new compositions from his label Karl Marx Land; somewhere between “cartoon-reggae, breakdance-Romantik and Eastern European synthesizer pop gymnastics-funk”.

With a strong emphasis on environmental sounds, Kathrin Grenzdörffer's combines sound art and performance. For Vrooom #10, Grenzdörffer will team up with Ekkehard Windrich, whose background is classical music and techno. In their combined set, Windrich and Grenzdörffer will explore the musical potential of field recordings when sent through sequencers and samplers.

Panda Lassow traded Dresden for Rotterdam circa 2009. Next to being the label boss of the peculiarly christened Anus Records and a prominent member of The Beatmakers Union (TBMU), vinyl-only DJ, Panda Lassow generally plays all types of punchy Bass music; from juke / footwork via hiphop, to dub and future funk.

With kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande. 

maandag 9 december 2013

Season closing party coming up!

Vrooom's 2013 season closing party on Saturday 21 December will be a teutonic treat. We'll present a peculiar and fun radioplay performed by the mighty Patric Catani, 3x Live sets (mr. Catani will play some Live tunes as well) and a dj set, all with a decidedly festive electronica / pop edge. This event is made possible with kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande. 

Full announcement on these pages soon, find extensive info here in the meantime: 

Never heard of Patric Catani? Now c'mon!

woensdag 27 november 2013

Vrooom #9


Radboud Mens | Machinefabriek | Michel Banabila | Roel Meelkop | Lukas Simonis

location: Maaskamer
Westerkade 27, Rotterdam
doors: 15:00 / start: 15:30
entrance: 5 euro

+++ A special Matinee that takes place at a special location +++

Vrooom #9 focusses on the dreadnought sound surgery performance by the (let's cut some corners here) 'who's who' of the Rotterdam experimental electronic/improv scene.
The location is basically the equivalent of a 'baron of industry' residence situated at the Maas riverside, close to the Euromast park. The actual house is restored in the old pre-war style and evokes an interesting ambiance.

Mens has been a sound artist since the mid-eighties and currently operates from Rotterdam. His work varies from electronica to conceptual music, sometimes ambient/drone-like and rhythmically often quite minimal. In '88 he started creating audio installations and noise machines. In '94 he started out releasing (rhythmic) noise as Hyware and Technoise. He then continued to make music using his own name from '97, on many different labels such as Staalplaat, Korm Plastics/Digitaal and

Michel Banabila is a sound artist, composer and producer who's career kicked off with his acclaimed 'VoizNoiz' album in 2000. His discography meanwhile encompasses some 35 albums and Banabila has also produced musical scores for films, documentaries, theatre plays and choreographies. Banabila's unclassifiable output blends disciplines and music styles, using elements and influences from jazz, electronica, classical and world music.

Machinefabriek's music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. His pieces unfold as ‘films without image’, with a sharp ear for detail. Besides his vast sound palette, he graphically designs, makes music for films, builds installations and often collaborates with other wellknown (inter)national performers.

With the Dutch group THU 20 as his springboard in the early eigthies, Roel Meelkop went on to create music with Goem and Kapotte Muziek, and continues to work on his body of work in the small but dedicated world of sound art.

Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical 'activist' in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties. Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene he discovered and revelled in the unlimited world of improvisation. This resulted in the forming of a shitload of interesting contemporary bands and various solo activities that are imprinted in the collective mind Rotterdammer.   

maandag 11 november 2013

Vrooom #8




James Harrar's CINEMA SOLORIENS ft. MARSHALL ALLEN (Sun Ra Arkestra) + SHELDON SIEGEL + dj Rem Gow

location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 21:00 / start: 21:30 / end performances ca. 00:00 / curfew 02:00
entrance: 8 euro
limited capacity! Reservations: send a pm to our facebook page:
or mail: sascha[at]worm[dot]org – first come, first served!

Cinema Soloriens is de constant evoluerende multimedia performance van James Harrar, Marshall Allen en Rogier Smal. Harrar's experimentele film -en video beelden worden live voorzien van muzikale exploratie en spoken word. Binnenkort viert Harrar deze bijna 20 jarige samenwerking met Marshall Allen; de wereldberoemde avant-garde saxofonist en leider van het legendarische Sun Ra Arkestra. Het Cinema Soloriens project eert de begindagen van de cinema, waarbij live muziek de visuele ervaring versterkte, en is een unieke mix van excentrieke, ethnologische improvisatie, psychedelische rock en Marshall Allen's unieke spel. Support is het Antwerpse Sheldon Siegel, een van de meest avontuurlijke Belgische improvisatiegroepen van dit moment!



A gripping, constantly evolving multi-media performance consisting of experimental film and video images with live musical exploration and spoken word. The show celebrates the nearly 20 year anniversary of James Harrar's ambitious collaboration with Marshall Allen, premier avant-garde saxophonist and leader of the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra. This project honours the early beginnings of cinema, providing live music to support and elevate the visual experience. Cinema Soloriens is a pure form of spontaneous performance, possessing a penchant for psychedelic rock, outre ethnological improvisations and Marshall Allen's approved jazzy stomps, all delivered in equal measure.
James Harrar – tenor sax, EVI, bulbul tarang, reeds, voice and effects
Marshall Allen – alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI and effects
Rogier Smal – percussion and electronics

This fresh free improv / instant music band hails from in and around Antwerp. With a taboo on taboos the trio explores the possibilities of interplay; not by trashing their instruments like a berserker but rather in a contemplative state where each member can claim their part or give it away. Sheldon has performed with e.g. Roscoe Mitchell, John Butcher, Audrey Lauro, Cassis Cornuta, Cam Deas, Leo Coomans. After a few CDRs on Reeshønd and a split LP on Kraak, they released 'Grève Totale', a double LP resulting from a 2011 residency at the Antwerp independent mainstay Scheld'Apen.
Erik Heestermans – drums, percussion, etc.
Gerard Herman – saxophones, etc.
Gino Coomans – cello, etc.

■ DJ REM GOW (nl / red light radio, all around the globe)
Rotterdam's own Rem Gow is a Red Light Radio resident and tastefully mixes deeper vinyl explorations from any tangible corner around the world.

vrijdag 1 november 2013


Take Note! During the 8th Vrooom edition we're welcoming James Harrar's CINEMA SOLORIENS featuring MARSHALL ALLEN (Sun Ra Arkestra). Support will be SHELDON SIEGEL; this fresh free improv / instant music band hails from in and around Antwerp and features acclaimed (performance) artist Gerard Herman. Hope to see you there! Date: 15-11-2013.

dinsdag 22 oktober 2013


Got some news for ya! Recently we've confirmed the show for December 21 with PATRIC CATANI and KARL MARX STADT through our facebook page. This show will be organised with kind support by Goethe Institut Niederlande, check it out here:

And now this just in: James Harrar's CINEMA SOLORIENS featuring none other than MARSHALL ALLEN of SUN RA ARKESTRA, will be performing Friday, November 15th. So reserve these dates, major stuff coming up!

maandag 21 oktober 2013

22.10.2013: Clipping + Terugklap + Ruwedata @ Roodkapje / Rotterdam

Recommended: another event organised by one of the Vrooom programmers, taking place tomorrow at Roodkapje in Rotterdam:

Clipping, who make music at the intersection of rap, musique concrète and noise, will play their only NL date tomorrow, October 22nd. Their set will be preceded by a performance of Terugklap from Amsterdam; in-your-face beat wizardry descending into stuttering conondrums of sound. Local support by dj Ruwedata. Find more info here:
and/or here:

vrijdag 20 september 2013

Sculpture in NL

Last minute recommendation, be sure to check out Sculpture tonight and this Saturday!

20 Sept @ worm, Rotterdam (11.30pm)
21 Sept @ Incubate Festival - De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (8:45pm) incautiously assembled amalgam of mutated techno forms, analogue electronics, tape cuts and digital sampling, gleefully twisted psychedelia. It's a take on computerised music production that rejects tired badges of 'quality'. It's fast and cheap, unexplained, joyful, strange, it loves trash and mess and mistakes and too much energy, and revels in accidental collisions. A must for A/V freaks!


woensdag 18 september 2013

Vrooom #7




location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 20:00 / start: 20:30 / end performances ca. 23:00 / curfew: 01:00
entrance: 5 euro (all proceeds go to the artists)  


The kick-off to our fall/winter program. What we got in store for you: the delicately textured, immersive drones of Aussie Robert Curgenven and New Zealander Richard Francis, a Live set by the Turkish/Dutch/Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft of Alban Lotz, Akinci, Gürkal and La Berge. One can expect some impromptu installations and/or audiovisual interventions by the likes of Albert Jongstra and Rowan van As, and if all this isn't enough, there's a screening of the short film 'Frozen Hope' by Marit Shalem. This is the first Vrooom edition to take place on a Friday, btw, so take note!        


Robert Curgenven spans immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, instrumental harmonics, pipe organ and tone generators through to detailed field recordings from remote areas where he lived for many years. He draws on the physicality of sound - not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which the auditory can shape our perception of space and the flow of time. The Wire surmises that “behind the music lurks such presences as Alvin Lucier, King Tubby, Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue.” Over the past ten years Curgenven has performed at festivals and venues across Europe and Australia as well as releasing on labels such as LINE, The Tapeworm and Winds Measure.

– MARK ALBAN LOTZ (de/nl) – winds
– ŞEVKET AKINCI (tr) – guitar
– GIRAY GÜRKAL (tr) – guitar
– ANNE LA BERGE (uk) – flute

Mark Lotz is a skilled flutist, a unique voice exploring a wide range of musical contexts. Raised in Thailand and Uganda, his appetite for musical adventures sent him globetrotting for new experiences. In Istanbul, he pacted with Şevket Akinci and Giray Gürkal, both guitarists of Islak Köpek, Turkey’s longest-standing free improvisation ensemble that paved the way for other musicians to boldly perform freely improvised and experimental music in Istanbul. Veteran flutist, composer and improviser Anne La Berge will join this trio to complete this alternate line up of the IstanPOOL project.

Richard Francis is an New Zealandic sound artist using field recordings, modular synths and computer to compose and improvise sound works. He has released solo and collaborative albums on e.g. Korm Plastics, Aufabwegen, Last Visible Dog and his own record label CMR. He has been working with Mattin, Jason Kahn and Francisco Lopez.

In an economy based on information, time and money, most online networks and corporate adds contain invitations to participate in one way or another. Everyone wants something from someone. Jongstra does not want to force participation on people with his work, but tries to inspire people into creating something from their own ideas.

Marit Shalem makes short, slightly rough edged and humorous experimental films. The scenarios refer to the world of capital economy but also popular culture and literature. It is Shalem’s intention to set deep rooted conceptions under a new light. A great deal of the projects is realized in collaboration with Lenno Verhoog under the name SpOp.


zondag 9 juni 2013

Vrooom #6



+ installation by Bart Koppe (nl)

location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 20:00 / start: 20:30 / end performances ca. 23:00 / curfew: 01:00
entrance: 5 euro (all proceeds go to the artists)


Last Vrooom before our looong summer break! We'll have two special combi sets; Dead Neanderthals who team up with Colin Webster from London, and a duo set from Rotterdam homeboys Machinefabriek and Roel Meelkop. Bart Koppe will be presenting his 'stubborn sound machine' installation. Apart from this you can witness a rare solo performance by Peruvian Christian Galarreta, from Peru, a pivotal figure and activist in the South American experimental music and sound art scene.

De laatste (!) Vrooom avond voor de zomerpauze is er wederom een met veel afwisseling op het programma. Zo hebben hebben we naast een solo performance van de Peruaanse Christian Galarreta de welbekende Nijmeegse free jazz necro's Dead Neanderthals die het semi-akoestisch zullen doen met de Londense saxofonist Colin Webster. Intense muziek die zal afsteken tegen de grondtonen, glitches en ruis van Rotterdammers Machinefabriek en Roel Meelkop; electronische luistermuziek van het allerfijnste soort. Bart Koppe presenteert z'n 'stubborn sound machine'.


Nijmegen's Dead Neanderthals are a two piece drums & saxophone assault that deal in long and short blasts of music that bring grinding avant greats to mind such as John Zorn's Painkiller, Borbetomagus, MoHa, etc. This evening they're going to team up with Colin Webster, an improvising saxophonist from London, for a special, more acoustic trio set.
• Colin Webster – tenor & baritone Saxophones
• Otto Kokke – tenor & soprano saxophones
• Rene Aquarius – drums

Machinefabriek's music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. His pieces unfold as ‘films without image’, with a sharp ear for detail. Besides his vast sound palette, he graphically designs, makes music for films, builds installations and often collaborates with other wellknown (inter)national performers.
Roel Meelkop is no slouch either. With the Dutch group THU 20 as his springboard in the early eigthies, he went on to create music with Goem and Kapotte Muziek, and continues to work on his body of work in the small but dedicated world of sound art.

Operating from Lima, Chrs Galarreta has a pivotal role in the current experimental music and sound art scene in Peru. He runs Aloardi – the label and main hub for local Peruvian, other South American artists. Peru hasn't got much of a reputation for experimental music but Christian changed that by filtering the sound of Peru / South America to the outside world through his many activities. His performances center upon the usage and mixing of broken electrical appliances, homemade audiovisual instruments, field recordings, feedback systems, music instruments, etc. He makes almost imperceptible physical phenomena audible and creates experimental (song) de-compositions in the process.

►'A SMALL STUBBORN SOUND MACHINE' – installation by Bart Koppe (nl)
Bart Koppe has been active as a do-it-yourself media artist since 2005. He mostly develops his creations from re-used, low-budget material, making use of existing techniques and DIY manuals. His works seem to mirror the social aspects of technological progress. 'A Small Stubborn Sound Machine' is a sound device that is 'alive', dreaming up it's own compositions that can be manipulated by outside influences.

zondag 2 juni 2013

Guardian Alien in Rotterdam (Tuesday, June 4)

Endorsed by Vrooom and hosted by one of your humble programmers: 

Guardian Alien; a whirlwind of insane psychedelic rock propelled by the drums of ex- Liturgy and current Zs bandmember Greg Fox. Think: a cross between Liturgy, Amon Duul and Indian ragas. The Rotterdam all-star project Mike McCartnie will be supporting. More info here:


zondag 26 mei 2013

Vrooom #5



LAMA TRIO (pt/ca) + PATO (es) + MORITZ GEREMUS (at) + dj DUCKFOOD (nl)

location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
doors: 20:00 / start: 20:30 / end performances: approx: 23:00 / curfew: 01:00
damage: 5 euro


LAMA TRIO (pt/ca)
This Portugese/Canadian trio plays excellent, chamber music-like electro-acoustic jazz, music that melds opposites into it's fluid sound; it can be both lyrical and abstract, deep but fluffy. Last year, the band caught the listener and critics' attention with it's highly rated debut “Oneiros” (2011), released on the quality Clean Feed label. The band recently put out a new album with sax player Chris Speed... Lama Trio consists of: Susana Santos Silva (trumpet), Gonçalo Almeida (double bass) and Greg Smith (drums).

PATO (es)
Rubén Patiño aka Pato is active in the field of computer music and installations. Originally from Barcelona, he is currently pursuing a master's degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague where he is blending aspects like sound spatialization, hybrid synthesis and early electronic music under a multidisciplinary approach. He released on Le Petit Mignon, Anòmia and the Free Software Series. He has collaborated with Roc Jimenez de Cisneros, Olivier di Placido and Seiji Motimoto. Together with MOHA's Morten J Olsen he forms the new duo Navngitt Mønster Opptog.

MORITZ GEREMUS (at / Random Creations)
Based in The Hague, Östereicher Moritz Geremus is a performance and audio/visual artist and founder of Random Creations. His work deals with the internet as a "sensitive micro-capitalistic source in the hands of an aimless hunger". His performances are mostly short and fierce.

dj DUCKFOOD (nl)
Alter ego of Rotterdoom's own Torture Corpse aka Robert Kroos. Known for his good music selections. He will be basically spinning whatever he feels like fits this evening and we'll follow blindly.

woensdag 22 mei 2013

Quick update: our last two events before our summer break;




Stay tuned for more info!

maandag 13 mei 2013

Vrooom #4




location: Het Klooster
Hammerstraat 63, Rotterdam
(around the corner of the other entrance – Ruivenstraat 81)
doors: 20:00 / start: 20:30 / end performances: approx: 23:00 / curfew: 01:00
damage: 5 euro


The 4th Vrooom event; in which Phil Minton and Audrey Chen plumb into the depths of their very own bodily instruments, Oto.3 will be plotting their own delicate musical plan, and act number three (whose name we are not to reveal for an element of super suspense) will be just as interesting as the aforementioned. Apart from this, as always there will be nice music and drinks before and after the Live performances.

De vierde editie van Vrooom alweer, ditmaal met drie Live acts; het improv/gecomponeerd en door Indiase muziek geïnspireerde trio Oto.3, het zonderlinge zang/stemkunst duo Audrey Chen & Phil Minton en een sensationele mystery guest waarvan de naam slechts op de avond zelf bekend gemaakt gaat worden. Voorts is er fijne muziek en drankjes tussen de bedrijven door.


With primary focus on the interplay between the uttered sounds of the mouth and vocal chords, Minton and Chen plumb the depths of their most inherent and bodily instruments. Their improvisations are fearless, fragile, hungry, passionate, riotous, ululating and animalistic, yet are also in all respects, human. They express, pronounce and intensely articulate (in their fashion) the many nuanced shades of their individual and collaborative conditions. Their album, 'By the Stream' was released by Sub Rosa earlier this year.

OTO.3 (nl)
The music of OTO.3 is based on sound – rather than rhythm, harmony, melody. Dutch born, Chennai based saxophonist and composer Maarten Visser organised the structures, ideas and developments in sound, fine-tuned them with electric (bass) violinist Holger Jetter and drummer Robbert van Hulzen. Together they created music which offers ample space for the musicians to make their own musical plan, manipulate the score, improvise. It is music with a constant tension between sound and silence, notes and noise, between structure and freedom.

Vrooom #3

VROOOM #3 took place on the 25th of April, 2013. This 3rd edition came together nicely as an impromptu solo performance mini special... with the exception of MMTHS & JOAK, who were essentially a duo act on this occassion.


JOHNS LUNDS (dk / yoyooyoy)

Copenhagen based Johns Lunds (Johannes Lund) is a composer / improviser and event organiser at the forefront of the contemporary Danish experimental music scene. He is one of the main members of both the Yoyooyoy music / art collective and the Mayhem concertspace in Copenhagen. Formerly a member of bands such as Slütspürt (with a.o. Anders Lauge Meldgaard of Frisk Frugt) and the 'bøllerock' duo Yoke & Yohs, Johns Lunds currently toots his alto sax in his new cosmic solo set.

RORO (nl / toztizok)

Amsterdam based Roro (aka Rogier Smal) will only be carrying a snare drum to Vrooom for his minimal percussion performance. Besides being a solo drummer, Roro is also a member of the Dutch improv group Dagora. He just completed tours with Mik Quantius (Embryo) and the Cinema Soloriens project; combining sound and vision of Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Daevid Allen (Soft Machine/Gong) and filmmaker James Harrar.

Michael Morley sings and plays guitar, predominantly as Gate (not to be confused with The Gate who performed during Vrooom #2). Next to being a lecturer in drawing and painting, Morley is the guitarist and vocalist of the New Zealandic cult band THE DEAD C; the band that created a wandering, playful sense of experimentalism, adding a sincere sneer and a bit of punk nihilism to their unique sound. They opened the door for fuzzed-out free noise to become the sound of the underground for a generation to come.

BEBE BELIZ (tr/nl)

Former Istanbul, now Rotterdam based performance artist / vocalist. In her intuitive performances, she seeks dialogue with (random) musical instruments, found objects and domestic devices between banality and luxury. She also does installations and photography.


 Newly found duo from Vienna, temporarily located in Rotterdam to study life, signals and frequencies at Piet Zwart institute. The work of MMTHS (Matthias Hurtl) is mostly sample based, manipulated recordings combined with DIY instruments. At Vrooom he will be combining electrified vocals, a breeze of droning and harsh soundscapes, with realtime granular visualization courtesy of JOAK (Joseph Oliver Anton Knierzinger).

Vrooom #2

by Victor Snijtsheuvel

VROOOM #2 took place on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 - with New Yorkers THE GATE, trio STADHOUDERS | GOVAERT | DE JOODE and dj Jarra.

THE GATE (us): 

"Point well struck between Kentucky doom gnarl and NYC jazz exactitude"(Blastitude)
● DAN PECK – tuba
● TOM BLANCARTE – upright bass

● WILBERT DE JOODE – upright bass
● ONNO GOVAERT – drums


Moving fluidly between freely improvised music and composition, their sound is an inhuman collection of snorts, groans, and demonic screams, described as “dark, plodding, and at times bleak” (All About Jazz). Tuba and bass combine to erode conventional notions of melody and harmony, marching to the rhythm of decaying ship hulls falling against each other, metal scraping against metal. Incomprehensible languages combine with layers of viscous noise to create a suffocating and unrelenting texture of doom.

Stadhouders/Govaert/DeJoode improvise. The trio emerged from Amsterdam’s thriving improv circuit and unites two generations of improvisers: the young, up-and-coming Onno Govaert and Jasper Stadhouders with ‘old dog’ Wilbert de Joode. All three currently play in many and various (inter)national line-ups. They dip into that rich source of experiences and ideas to produce music that is both urgent and extremely flexible. Music that’s not tied to any particular style – music of the next moment.

Vrooom #1

VROOOM #1 took place on the 6th of December, 2012. It featured improv, electroacoustic, experimental music and tactile noise with:


- FRED LONBERG-HOLM (us) - cello and electronics
- guitar and effects
- doublebass
– percussion

- ANDRE CASTRO (pt) - noise boxes
- dj CODEX (nl)


Chicago based cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm has played and studied music in a variety of situations, from the Juilliard School to the gutter. A former student of Anthony Braxton, Morton Feldman, Bunita Marcus and Pauline Oliveros, his primary projects are his Valentine Trio and The Lightbox Orchestra. He is also a member of a number of ongoing collective projects The Boxhead Ensemble, The Friction Brothers, The Flatlands Collective, Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens as well as participating in numerous one-offs or frequently convening ensembles. He currently plays in groups led by Joe McPhee, Peter Brötzmann and Ken Vandermark. Improvisors he has worked with include John Butcher, Axel Dörner, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Kowald, Jim O'Rourke, etc. He has contributed cello sounds to numerous recording projects by rock groups including Smog, Superchunk, US Maple, Wilco and many others.

Head honcho Lukas Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical 'activist' in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties. Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (that consisted of punk druggies, free jazzers, early electronic artists and pre-postrock combo's) he discovered and revelled in the unlimited world of improvisation. This resulted in the forming of a shitload of interesting bands and various activities in different organisations that are imprinted in the collective mind of many Rotterdammers.

Around a decade ago, Gonçalo traded the Lisbon sun for the cloud ridden skies of Rotterdam. Meanwhile, with a Codarts master's degree under his belt, Gonçalo aka Gonzo Almeida plays bass in (and composes for) a variety of interesting projects that swing from modern jazz, free jazz and jazzcore to free improv music. He has shared stages with improvisers like Chris Speed, Wilbert de Joode, Jasper Stadhouders and others. Almeida also has a knack for seeking out interesting collaborations with multi media artists, modern dancers, poets and theater makers. He's currently a member of a.o. Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics and Albatre.

From the late eighties until now, Friso made his mark with his versatile, A-class drumming in bands varying from jazz to free improvised music, blues, alternative pop and metal, amongst them: Insomniac’s Lullaby, The New Earth Group and Heinz Karlhausen & the Diatonics. Recently he has been very active as a composer in the field of contemporary / composed music (a.o: Asko/Schönberg Ensemble, Mondriaan Kwartet, Doelen Ensemble, etc.).

Media artist from Lisbon who tends to employ DIY and exploratory strategies in his practise, to investigate less visible layers of media and technology, in an attempt to understand, appropriate and recontextualize them. André is currently studying at the Media Design and Communication Master’s Program at the Piet Zwart Institute.

Mr. codex is known for his tireless work as a curator and lovely host for his very cool 'Textuur' concert series at the Poortgebouw. He'll play music that will serve as a nice contrast to the Live performances.