woensdag 8 juli 2015

Roodkapje x Vrooom - 13.07.2015

Roodkapje x Vrooom - MONDAY, JULY 13:

This gig event is a special collaboration between Vrooom and Roodkapje. OBNOX has been on top of our combined wishlist for quite some time. Even the singer/guitarist of the supporting band, the black midget mysterions intantly turned into an Obnox fan upon hearing the band for the first time. So in this joint effort, we're stamping the R'n'R ruckus in boldface text on this Monday evening. Expect also some hiphop, and lo-fi ish soul for good measure!

location: ROODKAPJE – Teilingerstraat 128, Rotterdam

doors: 20:30 / start: 20:30 / entrance: €5

■ OBNOX (us)

The legacy of Ohio garage rock titan Lamont “Bim” Thomas is long and skuzzy. The Bassholes, his ’90s duo with Gibson Bros. member Don Howland, were nailing the two-person blues-rock archetype long before various color-coded regional ensembles rode it to fame. After moving to Cleveland in the early aughts, he played drums with bluesy post-hardcore innovators This Moment In Black History, and he now keeps time for the Columbus pigfuck blitzkrieg known as the Unholy Two. All of those acts are still active, but Thomas’ main gig in recent years has been the one that took him out from behind the drum kit. As Obnox, he’s churned out three LPs and a bounty of EPs and singles this decade, each one further cementing his reputation as the world’s premier purveyor of soulful lo-fi shit-kicking rock music. 'Boogalou Reed', his new LP on Gerard Cosloy’s (co steward of Matador records) 12XU label, is yet another crusher.
(text culled from Stereogum)


Apart from someone writing something about a recent B.M.F.T.F. gig, little is known about them, but neither is their identity still shrouded in mystery. Rooted in pop/indie/garage, this distinguished quartet's unpolished sound is an outlet, to do away with its frustrations and general boredom.

We've asked these music freaks to tagteam: Multifunctionelis will bring old skool hiphop and trashy weirdo garage. DJ Sajjra will play roughed up Peruvian folk, bits of new/no wave, and other South American psych stuff.

Made possible with the support of Popunie Music Support Rotterdam and Fonds Podiumkunsten. Thanks to WORM for providing accommodation.

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