maandag 19 november 2018

Wednesday 21 November VROOOM #66


┆DJ No See Jazz

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:30 / entrance: 6 euro
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On this evening: Apricot My lady is sound bros Adam and Jonathan Bohman, Anne La Berge, and Lukas Simonis. As a four-piece band they make music that sits on it’s desert island waiting for nobody, heard by everybody. The duo Maria Carlas and Mylo Cywitz present a costumed show that sounds like a garagey electronic opera. Stopping by from Germany: the "outernational" Spiritczualic Enhancement Center; an eclectic ensemble with rootst in different cities and countries who create ritualistic and devotional instrumentals.


Apricot My Lady comprises sound mavericks Adam and Jonathan Bohman, Anne La Berge and Lukas Simonis. Formed in 2003, the quartet joyously make borderline music using found objects, text, voice, samples, filters, mixers, pedals, violins, guitars and flutes. It might be (un)interesting to know whether this music is supposed to be ‘improvised’ or ‘composed’ or ‘heavily processed’ or even ‘spontaneously erected’. It’s all that and less, or none of that and more. Influences are: Fluxus, Cage, de Band Zonder Naam, and Ubiquity (not the software).

This eclectic ensemble can be described as a sort of free beat resonance field with a revolving cast of players. At Vrooom they're are going to be a quintet that creates spontaneous instrumentals that are ritualistic, strange and devotional. Following concerts at Fusion Festival in Berlin, the Outernational Days in Bucharest, and the New Hamburg festival, they have three releases coming up: "Transporting Salt" on Crash Symbols, "Who Corrupted Our Wave, Back in 1969?" on Kinship; and a vinyl release entitled "Me and My Students Have Reached Higher Levels" on Cheb Gero's Akuphone, scheduled for early 2019.

Maria Carlas (aka Carla Genchi) is a classicaly-trained singer from Italy who studied at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli. Carlas teamed up with Mylo Cywitz; a German vocalist and composer based in the Netherlands. The voices of this duo are embedded in an orchestral environment created by their samplers and electronics. Maria layers her operatic voice and impulsive key work onto Mylo's classical industrial compositions.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

maandag 12 november 2018

Wednesday 14 November VROOOM #65


┆SAX RUINS (Tatsuya Yoshida & Ono Ryoko / Ipecac Recordings)
┆PISITAKUN (th / Chinabot)
┆LAFIDKI (kh / Chinabot)
┆Chris Baas – DJ

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 23:30 / entrance: 7 euro
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Vrooom goes Far East. Minimalist in instrumentation, maximalist in compositional complexity, the hyper-kinetic instrumental rock duo Sax Ruins comprises Yoshida Tatsuya and Ono Ryoko. Yoshida is the most important and innovative drummer in Japanese avant-garde music of the past 30 years. Ono Ryoko is one of the best saxophone players in Japanese improv. Next to the post-human, ultra-nimble mathematical bludgeon of this pair we're also excited to host two artists of Chinabot – a collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.

Drummer extraordinaire Yoshida Tatsuya and saxophonist extraordinaire Ono Ryoko form the tag team Sax Ruins. This duo packs more ideas and time signature changes into their two-minute songs than most artists can fit on an entire album. The albums "Yawiquo" (on Mike Patton's Ipecac, 2009) and "Brimmguass (Skin Graft, 2014) are jaw-dropping works of extremely dense and pure musicianship, comparable to a big band playing progressive Jazz-hardcore.

┆LAFIDKI┆kh / uk
Lafidki is a London-based sound/visual artist who has been releasing experimental electronic since 2008. He is the founder of Chinabot, a platform / collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music. Born in a refugee camp in Phanat Nikhon (Thailand) to Cambodian refugee parents who fled Pol Pot's regime, Lafidki was raised in France. His music is an confluence of ideas, synthesising multiple underrepresented histories, geographies, musical genres and cultural signifiers into compelling, colourful sonic material that packs contemporaneous dancefloor weight. He released his EP ‘Absynthax’ via Orange Milk records.

Pisitakun Kuantalaeng is an artist from Bangkok, Thailand. Visual and performance elements inspired by historical (political) events feed into his experimental music. His album "Black Country" (2016) deals with a country full of dialogues between dark voices. As Thai history currently unfolds under martial law following the military coup on 22 May 2014 – the thirteenth since the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932 – Pisitakun’s music and art represents a decisive break from many of his Thai peers: he questions fundamental and increasingly universal values without merely decrying corruption, or offering palliatives. Pisitakun's works are based on political speculation and the external and internal frustrations artists are subject to.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.