dinsdag 22 oktober 2013


Got some news for ya! Recently we've confirmed the show for December 21 with PATRIC CATANI and KARL MARX STADT through our facebook page. This show will be organised with kind support by Goethe Institut Niederlande, check it out here:


And now this just in: James Harrar's CINEMA SOLORIENS featuring none other than MARSHALL ALLEN of SUN RA ARKESTRA, will be performing Friday, November 15th. So reserve these dates, major stuff coming up!

maandag 21 oktober 2013

22.10.2013: Clipping + Terugklap + Ruwedata @ Roodkapje / Rotterdam

Recommended: another event organised by one of the Vrooom programmers, taking place tomorrow at Roodkapje in Rotterdam:

Clipping, who make music at the intersection of rap, musique concrète and noise, will play their only NL date tomorrow, October 22nd. Their set will be preceded by a performance of Terugklap from Amsterdam; in-your-face beat wizardry descending into stuttering conondrums of sound. Local support by dj Ruwedata. Find more info here:

and/or here: