maandag 18 september 2017

Thursday, September 21: VROOOM #52

Thursday, September 21:


– FOQL (pl)
– FASCIA LATA (fr) – dj

location: Pink Pank – Delfsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: 6 Euro

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Picking things up again for the second half of 2017. No less than six different sets comprising many different approaches. Includes: "a Norwegian beatnik getting spooky", local improv ballsiness played by jesus, (prepared) guitars, found sound, a saxophone played by a Roman turned Brusselian, technoïd electronica, and generally a bunch of good tunes.

The psychedelic, somewhat noisy music of Gaute Granli is created with seemingly shapeless, detuned guitar strumming, mysteriously manipulated percussion and electronics, and distorted moans. Some have compared his music to that of Jad Fair or Captain Beefheart. His third solo album will be released this september through Drid Machine (No Balls, Sightings, Staer, Golden Oriole) and Unhinged Records. Gaute is also a member of Skadne Krek and the amazing Freddy The Dyke.

Steve Jansen loops a slow build of found and composed sounds contained on analog tape (for example: an amplified barbed wire fence, a skronky alto sax). This then devolves into an unsettling electronica / prepared guitar manipulation that usually involves broken ceramics, bottle caps, a crude metal rod from the hardware store and other rubbish snatched from the street outside of the venue, just minutes before the gig is about to start.

FOQL (pl)
FOQL's Justyna combines electronica with a post-punk atmosphere and dashes of minimal wave and industrial. She collaborated with labels such as New York Haunted, Pointless Geometry, Enfant Terrible / Gooiland Elektro, and released her 2nd album "Lower Your Expectations" via Always Human Tapes earlier this year. Justyna also co-curates the Polish online underground community Trzecia Fala, and is part of the Oramics project which aims to empower women that are active in the electronic music scene.

Born in Rome and based in Brussels, Daniele Martini has developed a very eclectic and original approach to saxophone playing which has reverberated with many. His solo performance at Vrooom will be a powerful display of the 'otherness' of the sax, thoughtfully processed through electronics and without abandoning technical skills.

Jorrit is a 25 year old jesus who relocated from Drachten to Rotterdam in recent times. That's about time for a midlife crisis. And this is the most important thing that you have to know about him. If you want to know more, dig deep within yourself when you hear him molesting his guitar.

Composer/performer/DJ in the making from Paris who is currently based in Den Haag, studying at the Institute Of Sonology. As our DJ for the evening, she'll play a textural, warm-cold selection between the live sets.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.

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