donderdag 31 maart 2016

Wed, April 6: VROOOM 36



location: Pink Pank - Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 21:00

Vrooom number thirtysix; nail biting stuff! Find out whether Aussie underground guru Lucas Abela (formerly Justice Yeldham) finally became a sensible man or will revert to his older glass eating habits... if Ruben Brovida and Stefano Sgarbi will be minding that gap of theirs, and what Bob Bellerue has to say about all this!

Granpa is the new persona for maverick Australian musician Lucas Abela. Abela performs on shards of broken glass turned into crude musical instruments. He purses his lips against the panes and vibrates them using vocal techniques akin to throat singing crossed with raspberries, creating an erratic array of strangely controlled, while oddly musical, cacophonous noise. While Yeldham is centered on ecstatic pure improvisation often resulting in maniacal performances, Granpa is an attempt to rein in the instrument and take it in a more musical direction. Abela hopes the change might help to dispel the negative connotations his bloody forays as Yeldham have created, the blood for some overshadowing a unique musical output. However this transformation is far from complete Yeldham being the Hyde to Granpa’s Jekyll, occasionally taking over his subconscious.­

Veteran experimentalist from Brooklyn NY. Over the last 25 years he has been involved in a wide range of creative activities; experimental electronic music, junk metal percussion ensembles, Balinese gamelan, sound scores for dance / theater / video / performance art, and installations. His recent sound work is focused on resonant feedback systems, objects and spaces, and Supercollider programming. Bob's work has been presented at dozens of festivals, and his discography includes an equally impressive slew of releases on RRR Records, Important Records, etc. He curates and produces music events, including the 'Ende Tymes Festival of Noise'. Before coming to NY, he ran the music/performance space the Il Corral in Los Angeles, and curated the 'Beyond Music' series and festival. He is presently working for Issue Project Room.

FillinTheGap is Ruben Brovida and Stefano Sgarbi, an Italian duo that are active in The Hague underground scene, and are closely tied to the Sonology department of the Royal Conservatory. Their music is deeply rooted in the sonic explorations with electroacoustic devices, and developed through free improv and live processing. They aim to fill gap, the unknown, the unpredictable; the gap being the unsafe, unconventional spot that may exist between two different worlds.

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