maandag 30 november 2015

'Ein Abend in WORM' w/ Asmus Tietchens, Transport & more.


The continuation of the unique event series for original (pop)music culture & art made on German soil. In previous years cult acts like PALAIS SCHAUMBURG, BODENSTÄNDIG 2000, DER PLAN, CHRIS IMLER, and ECHO KRANK all found their way to ‘Ein Abend In WORM’. This should be enough of an indication to save this date! With kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande.

location: WORM - Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors / start : 20:30 | entrance: €7 | presale: €6

With kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande

Hamburg based Avantgarde composer Asmus Tietchens is one of the most important figures in non-academic electronic music and sound manipulation. Since the early 70s he has published more than 70 albums worldwide and collaborated with many notable sound artists. Asmus Tietchens' music draws on various musical genres; classical, electronic (both high and low-brow), minimalism, process music, all inform his sensibility. His sounds are both analytical and emotional, with a strong sensivity for the sources being used. The light rhythmic and melodic synth tunes from the early 80s almost seem an abberation in light of his later shift towards meticulous sound manipulations. To this day, Asmus Tietchens is actively releasing music, and spends the rest of the time being a theoretician, and music teacher.

Asmus Tietchens' performance will be expertly complimented by the electronic bricolage of DJ Zipo aka Till Kniola. He is also the main editor / curator of the Aufabwegen Magazine and label, which ranks as one of the most comprehensive, long running Fanzine-turned-Magazines, covering all things Post-Industrial, Ambient, Noise, and 'Geräuschmusik'. Aufabwegen published a monography on Asmus Tietchens in 1998, alongside a number of cd releases. For his part, Tietchens also contributes to Aufabwegen Magazine.

Transport is a young, very energetic band from the Ruhrgebiet, featuring instrumentalist Nils Herzogenrath, drummer Niklas Wandt (both also involved in German psychedelic pop group Ωracles / Oracles), and electronic composer Edis Ludwig. Drawing on early electronic music, Minimal, and the German Kosmische Musik of the 1970s specifically, Transport’s rocking improvisations are built around the slow and hypnotic variation of steady, Motorik drum and bass pulses, bursting into etheric synthesizer washes. Think Can’s “Mother Sky”, Ashra’s “New Age Of Earth” and Boredoms’ “Vision Creation New Sun” rolled into one tight sounding unit!

Following Amus and Zipo, The Transporters will also be your DJ hosts into the night, presenting a very tasty cocktail of Kraut / Dub / Afro / Kosmische Elektronische Musik, and a pinch of skewed disco.

MENEER VAN NU – visuals

Meneer van Nu learned the craftsmanship of moving images in the early 2000 in the clubs of Berlin. Based in NL since 2004, he currently accompanies several live projects; from free jazz to speed metal or abstract electronics, with sound-interactive visuals, around Europe.

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