vrijdag 17 oktober 2014


We're kicking off our fall / winter offensive with a benefit for STUBNITZ, featuring:

▨ BASSUKA (pt - Bruno Xavier Ferro Da Silva & Gonçalo Almeida)

This event will mark the end of a Dutch crowdfunding project to save the STUBNITZ from its demise. In other words: we're trying to help the MS STUBNITZ organisation in the prevention of not being able to keep their ship afloat:

On the 1th of September, 2014 the MS STUBNITZ had to be docked for class renewal in the Norderwerft - a very costly affair, which the non-profit association cannot manage to generate on its own.

The Stubnitz is an 80 meters long ex- East German fishing vessel, transformed in 1992 into a moving platform for cultural research and exchange; in the Netherlands it moored in Rotterdam and Amsterdam on a regular basis, providing space & opportunities for a lot of cultural events to take place. A diverse range of disciplines including performance, theatre, dance, spoken word, lots of music and parties. An incredible number of artists were able to perform on the STUBNITZ.


We (Margriet Kicks-Ass & Lukas Simonis, one of the Vrooom initiators) have decided to put together a compilation album called „SOS STUBNITZ“.

Representatives of the Dutch experimental music scene support the MS STUBNITZ in support of the crowdfunding project, not only financially, but also in spirit.

The „SOS STUBNITZ“ compilation of dutch experimental artists was initiated & produced in less than a week's time. We hope it will generate a lot of money for the Stubnitz crew but it is also meant as a way of giving moral support to a great ship, it's activities and it's great crew...

Track contributions: Xavier van Wersch, Anne Wellmer, Vilborg Broch, Truus de Groot, Staplerfahrer, Staalplaat soundsystem, Robert Pravda, Radboud Mens, POW Ensemble, Peter Fengler, Michel Banabila, Paralodia, Nico Parlevliet, Martin Hoogeboom en Theo Calis, Marije Baalman, Machinefabriek, Jos Smolders, Huib Emmer, Henk Bakker, Harry Hummer, Vincent Koreman, Bertin, AU, Alberto Novello, Zesde Kolonne, Jaap Blonk, Lukas Simonis en Margriet Kicks-Ass.


All money collected through the sale of this album + doorincome of this VROOOM event will go directly to MS Stubnitz.

More info:

The crowdfunding project:


For information regarding the performances of the artists of this event, please see the FB event page:


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