maandag 13 mei 2013

Vrooom #3

VROOOM #3 took place on the 25th of April, 2013. This 3rd edition came together nicely as an impromptu solo performance mini special... with the exception of MMTHS & JOAK, who were essentially a duo act on this occassion.


JOHNS LUNDS (dk / yoyooyoy)

Copenhagen based Johns Lunds (Johannes Lund) is a composer / improviser and event organiser at the forefront of the contemporary Danish experimental music scene. He is one of the main members of both the Yoyooyoy music / art collective and the Mayhem concertspace in Copenhagen. Formerly a member of bands such as Slütspürt (with a.o. Anders Lauge Meldgaard of Frisk Frugt) and the 'bøllerock' duo Yoke & Yohs, Johns Lunds currently toots his alto sax in his new cosmic solo set.

RORO (nl / toztizok)

Amsterdam based Roro (aka Rogier Smal) will only be carrying a snare drum to Vrooom for his minimal percussion performance. Besides being a solo drummer, Roro is also a member of the Dutch improv group Dagora. He just completed tours with Mik Quantius (Embryo) and the Cinema Soloriens project; combining sound and vision of Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Daevid Allen (Soft Machine/Gong) and filmmaker James Harrar.

Michael Morley sings and plays guitar, predominantly as Gate (not to be confused with The Gate who performed during Vrooom #2). Next to being a lecturer in drawing and painting, Morley is the guitarist and vocalist of the New Zealandic cult band THE DEAD C; the band that created a wandering, playful sense of experimentalism, adding a sincere sneer and a bit of punk nihilism to their unique sound. They opened the door for fuzzed-out free noise to become the sound of the underground for a generation to come.

BEBE BELIZ (tr/nl)

Former Istanbul, now Rotterdam based performance artist / vocalist. In her intuitive performances, she seeks dialogue with (random) musical instruments, found objects and domestic devices between banality and luxury. She also does installations and photography.


 Newly found duo from Vienna, temporarily located in Rotterdam to study life, signals and frequencies at Piet Zwart institute. The work of MMTHS (Matthias Hurtl) is mostly sample based, manipulated recordings combined with DIY instruments. At Vrooom he will be combining electrified vocals, a breeze of droning and harsh soundscapes, with realtime granular visualization courtesy of JOAK (Joseph Oliver Anton Knierzinger).

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